Come With Revolution
Bag is Hot ()

Come with revolution
Charged with cells escaping night
Words that fall won't let me write
The dark out of the light
The black inside the white
Come with revolution
Sanity escaping lonely jails
The boat of time forgot its sails
The rain of love fills rusty pales
This life of mine just kills and wails
Come with revolution
Into hard doubt of mighty trust
Religious zeal reduced to lust
The cop of dreams comes to bust
Conducting wind to gust
Bewildered I just
Thrust and trust and
Come with revolution
Spitting electric miracles from rat chewed mind
Lost in caves the saviors find
For him I pray to become mine
To heal the king and swine
Come with revolution
Gift of soul like texas bats
Fly at dusk and follow cats
Into heady windless spats
As they wear electric hats
That chew themselves on rats to
Come with revolution
Electric window red eyes see
The message sent from you to me
Reflected backwards now you'll be
The life inside of free
Come with revolution
From deaths despair the truly brave
With rotted soul I pray to save
With knives and sorrow he gave and gave
The empty in the grave
The king inside the slave
The still under the wave
The road no one could pave to
Come with revolution
The heat that chills in brand new flame
The dance which laughs in bouts of shame
Against the grain that stays the same
The one without a name
Who comes before he came
Whose guilt no one can blame
Unknown and filled with fame
Come with revolution
To the doubt I bring belief
To hard candy a set of teeth
Chew on top and underneath
Steal yourself to be a thief
Heal the widows grief
As you grow the tree a leaf
And kill to be the chief
Come with revolution
Human expression deranged and new
Lose yourself to become true
Find yourself to become you
And then call all red things blue
Walk in flames without a shoe
Stick in minds like glue
And sue the lawyers who
Come with revolution
No one else I see around
Fall out books buried down
Mushroom clouds the evil clown
Hears the silence in the sound
Grows like weeds from battled ground
And when he's gone he's all around to
Come with revolution
No title in the end of forks
Cool kids with the soul of dorks
Pigs which pack the punch of porks
Babies in the mouths of storks
As champagne bursts the mouths of corks and
Come with revolution
Suffocation forgotten moles
Dead eyed bliss in battered souls
Rooms without roofs or holes
A voice without controls
Come with revolution
Desert bullets boys and girls
Diamond teeth and nipple pearls
As genius music swirls
In guns confusion smoke just curls
The bullets fly right by in whirls
Come with revolution
Witch doctors coke nose smoking hash
In the past of losing cash
Bad stuff good stuff frozen stash
Lead pipe skulls just bash and trash
Come with revolution
Loser game psycho age
Book worms fly the empty page
As bird will learn to fly the cage
Insanity becomes the sage
The war you win no one will wage
To measure love there is no gauge just
Come with revolution
Murder drop out punch and scare
Grow yourself to get from there
Shrink yourself to come back here
And make love to your fear
You grow thru life to get nowhere
And then one day you're clear to
Come with revolution
A tree a mountain a leaf some grass
Beauty rolls down smoking ass
Hobos hippies and squares with class
It comes and goes so fast
The future and the past
Come with revolution
Lock out look out bleed again
Feel the needle swallow skin
Like a doll which stuck the pin
Swallowed every sin and then
Come with revolution
Bring back babies trust and zeal
Beat the souls who cannot feel
Make the fake get up and real
Tell the cards to deal
Help the night conceal
The things your heart can't heal and
Come with revolution
Mamas boy father heart
Survival rage which stops to start
Quiver in the tombstone cart
Rip your soul apart
And give this thing called art and
Come with revolution
Hunger hunger hot and cold
Danger danger young and old
Never done what he been told
Soul that's free and can't be sold
Come with revolution

We are unlimited beings
With the whine of lonely things
Cages made of dreams and rings
Come with revolution
We have the right to be
As big as we are
The micro bug
The falling star
The smoke that pours from night's cigar
We have the right to be
And probably already are


Shared on Bag is Hot on 11 August 2010
The lyrics are from a poem published on 6 April 2008